Sandwich Summit Identity, 2019

What You See Is What You Get was the 7th Annual Sandwich Club Summit, the first totally online and fully remote, completely digital summit broadcast live from Cincinati, Ohio. Sandwich Summit is an annual project by Breanne Trammell and Finnegan Shannon investigating and celebrating the relationship between art, culture, and sandwiches.

Because this summit was 100% online, we were excited to reference early internet art with the ASCII alien. Sandwich photographs on different planes are directly inspired by NYC deli signage, and a super-stretched and condensed outline text that reads “WYSIWYG” is also a nod to the iconic NYC corner store deli with the grate/cage in front (reference image below). Typeface is from the interstitials on the television show Frasier, for no particular reason.

“Seven years of sandwiching” — Shannon Finnegan

Process for this project included working from a Burger King restaurant and NYC reference photo from Hunter French.

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