Line Work

Visual research completed at Design Inquiry, 2016

From Design Inquiry:

For its 2016 Residency DesignInquiry invites one dozen thinkers and makers to Vinalhaven to engage in some productive counter-production. We welcome applications for discrete, though not necessarily stand-alone, projects that can be substantially completed during the one or two week period of the residency. Your proposed project may be part of a larger research agenda or ongoing creative practice or it may represent a new direction in your work. In either case, we are interested in projects that upend, invert, or otherwise challenge traditional notions of productivity and procrastination as defined by your particular field or discipline.

My work during this residency began with an interest in the line inspired by those created by my running app.

Soon, all I could see was line.


Close attention paid to simple observations reavealed form over time. I noticed that many of the things I had packed in my suitcase were striped.


I experimented making lines from the plants around me.

Nine Lines

Upon discovering a well-loved copy of J.D. Salinger's Nine Stories in a used bookstore on the island, I recombined each first line of the nine stories into a new narrative. This project resulted in a limited edition of 9.

Many thanks To Mark Zurolo and the 2016 DI participants!

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