John McNeil Studio Identity

John McNeil Studio is a creative studio in Berkeley, California comprised of art directors, designers, developers, illustrators, photographers, motion + image makers, strategists, and writers. A series of sprays expresses the culture of collaboration and cross-disciplinary pollination among studio members and with their clients.

Each spray features two dominant colors which combine to reveal myriad shades—a visual representation of 2+2 = 5, or the sum is greater than it’s parts. The process for creating this identity included black spray paint and the California sunshine.

Benton Sans by Tobias Frere-Jones (and Cyrus Highsmith) was chosen for it’s robust family of weights providing the studio flexibility of voice. It was also chosen for relative “neutral” qualities, and it’s American casual authority.

Executive Creative Director: Kim Le Liboux
Founder, Chief Creative Officer: John McNeil
Producer/Project Manager: Kirsten Harkonen

contact: mary.banas (at)
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