How to Age

For “Super Surfaces” poster show in Seoul, Korea

How to Age is a poster for the show “Super Surfaces” at the Doosung Paper Gallery in Seoul, South Korea July 10, 2018. Show curated by Moon Jang.

Bodies of water—especially oceans—are deep, complex volumes but we often see or “read” them as a surface. In western culture, youth is a currency. There is both an external and internal obsession with appearance and aging. Two of the smartest and most powerful women I know feel “bad” about their neck.

For my future self, T., L., & M. and for any person who may need it. Typeface: Rella Sans by Renald Louissaint, text inspired from a prompt by Holly Willis.

Exhibition Participants: Golden Tree (Namoo Kim & Hyojin An), Minho Kwon, Ohyun Kwon, Jinhee Kim, Minkyoung Kim, Yunim Kim, Hoon Kim, Jinhee Kim, The Rodina, David Gay & Moon Jang, David Smith, Michael Radyk, Mark Callahan, Mary Banas, Jangho Park, Chaehee Park, Jaekyung Jung & Sohin Hwang, Isaac Gertman, Byung-hak Ahn, Once-Future Office, 60603: Joo Sun, Jamie Nam, Minjoo Kim, Alyssa Casey, Amy Fortunato, Sera Yong, Ian Lynam & Kyle Lynam, Chulmin Yi, Pooroni Rhee, James Chae, Hwara Jo, Katherine Miller, Chris Ro, and Minjae Huh.

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